Sunday, September 25, 2005
Luis Garcia - gamesmanship or cheating ?

Saturday 24th September ... Birmingham City v Liverpool at St Andrews, Birmingham.

Throughout the opening part of the second half the Liverpool team had been under constant pressure from Birmingham's attack. Often in situations like this managers will make tactical substitutions to break up the flow of the game and allow their team to regain some composure.

The pictures below clearly show substitute Luis Garcia remove his ring and conceal it in his mouth to deliberately deceive the second official whose job it is to check any players coming onto the pitch are not wearing any jewellery.

As Garcia runs onto the pitch he removes the ring from his mouth and makes sure the referee sees it on his finger. The referee then instructs Garcia to return to the dugout and remove the ring.... thus ensuring further disruption to play.

Gamesmanship or cheating ? You decide .................

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Rags Mahone

Try these links to download the full video action if still in doubt (if they stutter first time through, rewind and they will play smoothly)


For those claiming that Garcia simply wanted to wear his wedding ring ... well this is something he already does in every other match when he follows the FA rules and covers the ring with tape, as in the picture below. Which make his actions on this occasion look even more deliberate.

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